March 03, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday and here's what I am thinking about -

  • Having Junior Bird Man visit reminds me of how much fun I had with my own son when he was that age.
  • I don't miss having snow on the ground.
  • It's only a little more than two months until my son graduates from college. That can't be - only yesterday I sent him to kindergarten.
  • I'm so proud of my son's girlfriend for being accepted into Christie's Masters program in London.
  • Going to a fundraiser tonight for an organization for which I'm on the Board of Directors.
  • That means I must get dressed up - not my favorite thing.
  • Do you think anyone will notice if I wear jeans?
  • I love Top Chef.
  • Philadelphia Flower Show next week - and I'm hoping to go.
What's on your mind?


abb said...

As long as high heel aren't involved, it's all good!

Nurse Nancy said...

Hope you had a nice time....what great news for Cool J and H!

The Single Nester said...

I do love Top Chef too! I think the judges are making huge mistakes by letting go Dale. He was awesome and Spike, whom this Single Nester has a crush on, left waaay too early.

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

So, did you wear jeans?

Ellen said...

No jeans, but I did wear pants. Thank goodness it was business attire and I could get away with pants.