May 26, 2007

Coming into the home stretch

After almost four weeks of having the first floor in a chaotic state, the laundry room project is winding down. I think the only things left to do are putting the doors on the cabinets, second coat of paint on the trim, and adding knobs to the doors/drawers.

The new kitchen floor has been installed. Of course, this gave way to another project - putting wainscoting on the sides of the island. This is something we wanted to do, but were going to do later. But when the floor installer took up the base trim around the island, a piece of the side chipped off. So we will move up adding wainscoting to the present time and that will be one more job completed.

The floor installer could not put the toilet and sink back in the powder room since the new floor is laminate and is higher than the old one. So we will have a plumber re-install them. The electrician is going to run cable and speaker wires under the carpet in the family room so we can move the TV and sound system to the other side of the room. For now, the carpet is up along that edge and the threshold between the new floor and the carpet is missing and will be installed after the wires are moved.

So, like so many projects that we think will be simple when started, this has snowballed into several other projects. But the end result will be that our first floor will be much nicer.

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