May 22, 2007

de-pain, de-pain

I spent yesterday morning at the dentist having some dental work done that involved removing a piece of filling from a rood canal taken out of the gum. It has been a pretty painful past several hours. I am able to manage the pain with some prescription pain medication, but it makes me so tired that I can't do to much of any thing. Compounding this is the installation of the new floor in the kitchen and laundry areas of the house. So I am banished to my bedroom to sit, watch some television and nap.

Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better and can put away the pain medication so I can function.

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Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Hope you will feel better soon.
Last time I had to take tylenol with codeine it was an over the phone prescription from my dentist's partner. He did not know that I am petite...gave me a full size dose. Within 15 minutes of taking the meds I was out like a light. The dentist had a fit when he found out I had been given that much.