July 31, 2007

Only one more month

Wow, I can' believe that it is the end of July already. It just hit me today that in 30 days, my son will be eighteen and three days after his birthday he goes off to college. It seems like only yesterday I was beating the heat while pregnant and awaiting his birth. And suddenly, he is all grown up and ready to fly away from the nest. Where has the time gone?

At the beginning of the summer, his birthday and college seemed so far off. Especially since his graduation was June 1st, very early for graduation in this part of the country. I looked at the summer and thought about the three months that would have to pass until he went to school. And now it is only one month.

I have been doing my best to prepare for his leaving. Emotionally, I think I am ready. Don't get me wrong, I will miss him. He's my favorite person to watch classic comedy movies with - movies like "My Cousin Vinny" and "Office Space" and anything Monty Python. He But he is a mature young man and is very ready to move on with his life. And physically, let's just say I have been enjoying shopping for things for his dorm room. I may be denied the annual trip to buy notebooks and pens and pencils and crayons and all things "Back to School," but I made up for it by buying sheets and pillows and comforters and towels. I think we will make one shopping trip to the outlets to buy some clothes as this is the first time he will not be wearing a uniform. Of course, I am beginning to think we will need a truck to move every thing, but thankfully, our good friends live only 15 minutes from campus and have agreed to hold out of season things for him.

His dad on the other hand, well, I think our son leaving home will be a little more difficult on him. They share a love of old cars and watching the Discovery and History channels together. On Saturday's, when our son isn't working, they enjoy running errands together and stopping some place for lunch. I know dad will shed a few tears as we pull away from campus.

So, I will enjoy the rest of the summer and cherish every minute I spend with my son. Even when we argue!


Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

I remember when I was getting ready to go off to college. Dad asked me every day: "Are you sure you want to go to that college? You could go to one of 5 others and live at home...."

Come on over and I'll watch "My Cousin Vinny" with you. What a FUNNY movie. "Yeah. You blend." Marisa Tomei was fantastic.

Ellen said...

Thanks Barb. I may take you up on that offer. It is one of my favorites.

I am glad John is going away to school. I went only 14 miles from home and my parents insisted that I live on campus - for the life experience.

EC Gefroh said...

Oh Ellen! Your son sounds like a wonderful young man. I also feel your pain. My son will be in college before I know it.

BTW, I love My Cousin Vinnie too!

Ellen said...

Thank you Esther. He is a wonderful young man and we are so proud of his accomplishments. Unlike lots of moms, I am more excited than sad as he embarks on his new adventure.

I guess we are pretty lucky that we have been blessed with such great "yutes" and not ones that would drive "metallic mint green" cars and hurt people.