August 19, 2007

The Groundhog saga continues...

I just wanted to update you on the activity of that darn groundhog who is making our lives miserable.

A few days ago I once again filled in a groundhog escape hole and placed a large dirt filled flower pot on top of the loose earth and rocks. Two days ago, I went to check on the garden - or should I say what's left of it - and lo and behold, my groundhog buddy tunnelled out under the plant box. I think my decision at this point is to seek and destroy. I have played "Ms Nice person and let the rodent go on long enough. It is time to call in the professionals from Agway and employ that old DRT method. The thought of making this little guy suffer is looking more and more promising.


EC Gefroh said...

Would moth balls be a deterrent? I know it is effective for something but darn if I remember what :-)

Ellen said...

Moth balls are a deterrent for cats and I don't know if they would work for groundhogs. I know my plan my sound cruel, but I did fail to mention that where I live, a very large percentage of groundhogs carry rabies - and as much as I like nature, I would prefer that no one get bitten by a rabid groundhog.