September 23, 2007

What a wonderful tribute...

Yesterday was the memorial service for my father-in-law and what a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man.

My father-in-law was married twice. He first wife passed away when their fourth child was still a baby. He married my mother-in-law and had seven more children for a grand total of 11 children - eight boys and three girls. He taught high school for over 35 years and after he retired, he taught part-time at two colleges for another ten years. During that time he touched the lives of many, many students and colleages alike.

Over 100 people attended the service and the speakers included a fellow teacher from one of the universities he taught at, the superintendent of the school district and the hospital chaplain who administered the anointing of the sick to him a few days before he passed away. In addition, my husband and his oldest brother spoke about their dad and my mother-in-law read a poem. Many tears were shed by not only the family, but many friends of the family members. A short video presentation was put together chronicalling his life that was truly a testament to a man who was loved and respected by so many.

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