October 25, 2007

Has fall finally arrived?

The weather has changed here in South Jersey. Just yesterday I was over dressed in long pants and a three quarter sleeve shirt, today I am under dressed with a three quarter sleeve shirt and no socks. At least the blue jeans are the right weight. I need to make an airport run in a few hours and I think a change of shirt and the addition of some socks are in order.

I love the fall. I love living where there is a distinctive change of seasons. I don't think I would want to live some place where the trees don't change colors and the longer nights are crisp and cool. The colors of fall make me long for making applesauce and baking pies. I change the candles in the house to scents of cinnamon and coffee cake. The bright t-shirts of summer are packed away and the long sleeve shirts in warm colors like red, green navy and gold are brought out. And the warmth of fleece feels so good on a chilly evening.

Welcome fall. Join me for a cup of coffee and a piece of apple pie.


Margaret in Minnesota said...

What a sweet post! (Pun intended). We are thinking the same way these days.

PS. Just a heads-up, Ellen: several of the links on your sidebar are broken. I believe you have an extra "http" on them.

Ellen said...

Thanks for calling my attention to the sidebar problem. I guess I was having a senior moment when I set them up.