October 22, 2007

On a lighter note.....

So you want to know where I was on my vacation? Well, my husband and I went to Florida for a week. We stayed at a timeshare that was owned by my brother and his wife and as of today, is now owned by us. We stayed at this resort 12 years ago when my whole family went to Florida and that is when my brother and sister-in-law purchased the unit. Now it is ours and we hope to put it to good use and do some traveling.

And what did we do on vacation you ask? Well, we spent two days visiting Disney parks, a day at Sea World and a day at the Kennedy Space Center. In Disney World, we spent a day at Epcot where I highly recommend Soarin'. We went to the newest park - Animal Kingdom - which was interesting and to MGM Studios. It was my first trip to Sea World and enjoyed it thoroughly.

The Tree of Life

Enjoying Shamu

By far, my favorite part of the trip was Kennedy Space Center. I hadn't been there in thirty years (yes, I am well over thirty) and when I was there in 1977, it was called Cape Canaveral and was only the military base. A lot has change! It was more user friendly, less technical and way more fun! I would definitely go back again.

Space shuttle Discovery on the launch pad.


Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Kennedy Space Center was our favorite part of our trip to Florida 6 years ago. We got to see a shuttle liftoff! It was SO cool!
Glad you enjoyed your vacation :)

Ellen said...

That was our plan when we selected last week - a launch was scheduled. But in the six months from booking our trip the launch was cancelled, then moved several times and it was finally scheduled for today. And even this morning, I heard that it may not go off because of the weather. But it was still a great place to visit.