November 25, 2007

I've been to Vegas

I've been on a blogging holiday. I just got back last night from Las Vegas. It was a great getaway with my husband, son and our good friends and their son. We met this couple on our honeymoon almost twenty years ago. Over the years our friendship has developed into more than friends - we are like family.

We met on the second or third day of our honeymoon. We went to an all inclusive resort for couples only. We were seated together at dinner and through the course of the meal, discovered that we had quite a bit in common, including getting married on the same day at the same time and that we were all Catholic. J, like me, has two older brothers and no sisters. She and I and my husband are all the same age, while F is a few years older.

Through the week we spent time together at the beach and at meals. One night we ventured off the resort to dine in a five star restaurant located at the top of a mountain on the island. The ride there and back was an experience in itself - narrow Caribbean roads, no guard rails and it was raining. At the end of the week, we exchanged addresses and vowed to keep in touch. And we did. And the rest is history. And even though they live in Connecticut, we manage to see each other a few times a year and now that our son is in Connecticut at college (J's alma mater!) we see them even more often. And while our son is a college freshman, the are just beginning their journey as their son is in first grade. And the two boys are like brothers, a relationship that the four of us are thankful for.

So we journeyed to Las Vegas to celebrate our 20th anniversary with our boys in tow. The highlight of our trip was a day trip to the Grand Canyon. We went by SUV to the canyon and toured the canyon by helicopter. I was a little nervous as I had never been in a helicopter before, but it was great! And I can't wait to go back and do it again. We are already planning another trip there, but this time to the Arizona side (Vegas was too much for me!) for another perspective.

I hope to post pictures as soon as I get a hold of the camera and download them.

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