December 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Caitie

Today is my niece Catitie's twenty first birthday. My has she grown up.

Caitie is the only granddaughter in my family, with my brother having three boys in addition to Cait and me with one son. But, she is by no means a princess. How could she be - she has three older brothers. Like me (two older brothers, no sisters), she had to learn to be a little (okay, a lot) less lady like to survive.

My husband and I are her godparents. We had gotten engaged just two weeks before she was born and we were thrilled to be asked. I remember the day of her Baptism like it was yesterday - I dressed her in my family's gown that was made by my grandmother in the early 1900's. She looked like a little doll. And just before the anointing of her chest, she promptly loaded her diaper sending the "sweet smell" of a baby wafting all over the church and making the priest turn a little green.

She was my "grown up" little helper when my son was born (she was all of two and a half). She insisted on holding him and giving him his bottle. I swear he swallowed way more air than formula when she fed him. She loved having a little cousin and to this day, she and my son are still good buddies.

Today she is a beautiful young woman, a college student with aspirations of becoming a physical therapist and helping people. I pray that she will one day fulfill that dream. She'll be a good physical therapist - just enough compassion for her patients, but she won't let them get away without working.

Happy Birthday to my sweet goddaughter. See you next month and I'll buy you a beer!!!

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