December 05, 2007

On the mend

Finally, after nine days of feeling like crap (sorry folks, that's as creative as I get), I am finally feeling better. Of couse it has taken four prescriptions, lots of fluids, some soup and lots and lots of rest to get to this point. And of course, we have our annual holiday open house on Saturday and I am not nearly ready. And if that isn't enough, my husband is in Texas until Friday night.

But, tomorrow my parents will pack their bags and load up the car and drive fifty miles to help me get ready. Thank you Mom and Dad.

Every year I promise that I will prepare for this party in advance, and it usually doesn't work. But this year, we went away for a week in October and for five days of Thanksgiving week and so I did very little ahead of time. But I have simplified the menu a little so it will all fall into place.

So tomorrow, I will work my butt off (if only that would happen) and get ready for the party.

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