February 05, 2008


With Lent comes sacrifice. As a child, I always gave up things like candy and ice cream for Lent. As a young adult, I let this practice of sacrifice go by the wayside. When my son started Catholic school, the children attended mass every third day, the school being devided into K through grade 2, grades 3 through 5 and grades 6 through 8. Mass was at 8:30 each day, so instead of giving up something for lent, I decided to attend daily mass at least twice a week. It was a wonderful way to prepare myself for the Easter. Unfortunately, this practice was discontinued after a few years, and getting to morning mass became logistically difficult as I had to get my son up and ready and to school.

Now that he is away at school, I will again make it a point to try to get to morning mass as much as possible. It may be a little difficult as I am now working and have started to go to the Y in the morning to swim. But I will do what I can to make it to mass as often as possible. Oh, and I will give up my sugar-free chocolates too!

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