March 13, 2008

In your face...

Today our home took on a new look - we had a 50" plasma TV installed. And when you watch TV, it is definitely in your face. I am definitely a TV-aholic and this certainly will satisfy my TV cravings.

This TV was my husband's idea. He works long hours and when he gets a chance to sit down and watch TV or a movie, he wants to see it on a big screen. And he has gotten his wish.

We had the company do the installation. After having a new entertainment center delivered a few weeks ago, and listening to him try to re-hook up the cable box, the DVD player and the receiver to the old TV was not a pleasant experience, so he made the decision to have it installed - good choice. It took two guys about an hour and a half to do the installation and they knew what they were doing. Plus, if it falls off the wall, they have to replace it.

So tomorrow after work, I will venture out and purchase a new Blu-ray movie so we can hang out, eat some pizza (meatless of course for Lent) and watch a movie. Gee, I hope there is something worth watching.

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Ellen from Buffalo,NY said...

I am glad that you got a nice new screen.
If you haven't seen the great movie,"You Can't Take It With You" Directed by the one and only Frank capra,
I highly reccomend it.
I stumbled upon your blog,
I found it interesting that my name is Ellen, I am a 40 something mom, and i have a bichon.
any way,
Go to the library,
Find it on Netflix,
but that movie is great,
A must - see!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Ellen from Bufflao,NY