July 01, 2008

And the winner is ....the other parish

I am officially no longer employed outside of the home. Yesterday was my last day working at my parish office. I guess that it is good that I am no longer working there since it no longer feels like my parish.

With change come adjustments. And it seems like the only people making any adjustments will be the people from my parish. There is no one from my parish working in the office, the mass schedule that is now in place is the mass schedule of the other parish in the merger and our church, with more parking, has only two masses one of which is a late mass that will probably be poorly attended, I just got my schedule for lectoring for the next two months and I am only scheduled twice and both times are at the other church which is, in my opinion, a dump. I have been trying to work with the other parishes CCD coordinator and apparently I'm the only one who feels like this can't be put together at the last minute, so I am seriously considering resigning again (I was only going to fill in last year at my parish, but when I saw the craziness with which they approach sacraments, I felt I should stay on.

I have decided to give the newly merged parish one year. If it continues to be dominated by people from the other parish in this merger, I will find another parish to join. I have offered my help to the new pastor and it seems like the only people he chooses to help are from the other parish. I am tired of trying to help, only to have the door slammed in my face. In this day and age, who turns down the offer of volunteers?

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