July 18, 2008

Available for hire - one experienced CCD coordinator

I received the phone call that I had almost been expecting from our new pastor - that he had decided that the CCD coordinator from "the other parish" would be the cooridinator for the new parish. But he would like me to "help" her by doing what ever clerical or other jobs she wanted me to do. At first I said I would try this, but after I got off the phone and thought about it, I decided that this wasn't going to work. So I sent him a note and explained that this wouldn't work for me.

At first I wasn't interested in doing CCD this coming school year. But after experiencing Confirmation with the other parish, I decided that I needed to be involved in order to be able to help to blend the traditions of the two parishes into new traditions for the new parish. Clearly this is not going to happen now.

Sour grapes - you bet. After volunteering in my parish for the last 15 of the 18 years we've been here, I am not ashamed to say that I am upset that I will not be in involved. Since when does any parish turn away "live" volunteers?

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