July 29, 2008

Sleep test - more like a quiz.

It is almost 4 in the am and I am wide awake. I don't sleep well, never really have, but since the menopause fairy has begun to visit my body, I found my self losing more and more sleep. I spoke to my doctor about it and he suggested that I may have sleep apnea. After fisiting with a sleep doctor, she suggested the test citing that I have several markers that make me a candidate - my weight and my overbite.

So tonight, armed with my small duffel filled with shorts, tee shirt, toiletry kit and slippers, I made my way to the sleep center. After signing a few forms, I was hooked up to about a million electrodes, a belt around my waist and chest and one of those hospital oxygen thingies was hung around my ears and stuck up my nose. Not painful, but not comfortable either.

Then I was hooked up to the monitoring equipment which was tested with a series of blinks and snores and leg movements and then allowed to go to sleep - easier said than done. So I watched a few minutes of TV and decided to give sleeping a try. It took about 20 minutes, but I finally fell asleep.

During the course of my short sleep there, the nasal canula providing oxygen to me must have dislodged and the technician came into my room to fix it. That was the kiss of death for my sleep. I tried to go back to sleep with no luck. So I made a trip to the bathroom (which required being unhooked from the machinery) and tried to sleep again. Twenty minutes of laying there and not sleeping, I gave up and went home. I was home before 3 am. And I suspect that I was probably not there long enough for the necessary data to decide whether I have sleep apnea.

Eventually I will fall back to sleep, but I will awaken unrested again. Getting older stinks!

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Barb Szyszkiewicz said...


I hope they are able to give you some kind of results from the time you were there. It would be a shame to go through all that for nothing.