August 05, 2008

Sunday - funday

We spent Sunday with our good friend Sister C. She was the roommate of our friend Sister R who passed away last October.

Sister C now resides at what we affectionately call "the mother ship," our spin on what is called the mother house. After Sister R passed away, Sister C was lost and a bit depressed. They had shared convents for about 25 years and had a special connection of sharing the same birthday. Shortly after moving to "the ship" she was diagnosed with the beginning of Alzheimer's Disease. She is in the early stages - she's a bit forgetful and will often ask the same question many times or recount a story many times, but she is still sharp and is bored to tears where she lives.

Our friends the "V Family" have a son who is very much into acting. He had role in a local production of "The Sound of Music" and we thought it would be a good occasion to pick up Sister C for the day and surprise the young thespian. He was thrilled and as an added bonus for her, a former teacher from our now closed parish school was there too, along with a few of the students from there.

We began our day with mass, which was a bit of a disappointment for her since there weren't many people from our former parish there - she was hoping to see a few familiar faces. She wasn't alone in that thought - I didn't recognize more than 8 or 10 either. After mass we headed out for breakfast, then back to our house to drop off our son and head to the show.

After the show, which by the way was really great, we suggested getting a bite to eat since it was dinner time. Her choice - ice cream from her favorite ice cream parlor. Yes, we had ice cream for dinner and she couldn't have been happier.

Later, Dad V and I took her back to "the ship" and said good bye. We miss having her close by, but at least she isn't too far away.


Dad V said...

Hi there, Dad V here..guess that might mean Dad the fifth. I didn't know that Sister C and R had the same b'day. WOW! Thanks again for the surprise for our thespian. The thespian and the props mistress want to take a trip to the Mother ship soon. Will let you know when.

Mental P Mama said...

What a wonderful day...capped off by ice cream for dinner. That would be a perfect day in my book.