November 21, 2008

My early Christmas present to myself

My husband and I don't really buy Christmas presents for each other. Maybe a small gift, but we don't buy each other expensive gifts. We never really have. I guess it's because we always seem to concentrate on buying things for our son and parents. And since we seem to get things as we need them, we don't really seem to see the point in getting each other gifts, well except when our son was little and Santa left us a package or two.

Last year I saw these lights while out shopping with a friend. I wrestled with whether to buy them as I really couldn't justify the expense. Of course, after Christmas, I thought about it again and decided to get them. The price was reduced and as soon as I hit the "order" button, the message came back that they were no longer available - the story of my life!

I had actually forgotten about them until this week so I went on line and found that they were again available. So I called the nearest store to make sure they had them in stock and off I went to buy them. When I got home, I immediately set them up. I love them. I am looking forward to setting up the fireplace mantle with greens and the candles and not having to worry about open flames. And the best part, which I didn't realize until I opened the package, was that the lights are adjustable - so they can go from a soft glow to a bright "flame."

So I will consider this an early Christmas present to myself. And I won't look for any packages under the tree!!!!


EC Gefroh said...

Those are beautiful! Enjoy!

abb said...

Merry Christmas!

They're beautiful, and so sensible to boot! Nice present to you!

Want you to know I always get such a kick out of your replies to MPM - you two certainly have similar funny bones!

Mental P Mama said...

I love those!

Country Girl said...

I love these lights, too! I had no idea they had adjustable brightness! I think it's great you got yourself an early present. Excellent!

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Those are very pretty!