December 01, 2008

How I Spent my Anniversary

Our 21st wedding anniversary was Friday. We celebrated it by having our annual nut roll day - our designated day when my parents and I make 6 batches of nut roll for holiday eating and gifts.

Here we are mixing the dough and filling:

Here is the finished product:

Here are the tired cooks:

And finally, the next morning, we finish wrapping:

I guess it might not have been the most romantic anniversary, but we did spend some quality time chowing down on pizza.

Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful husband in the world! I love you.


christine M said...

Happy Anniversary! And those nut rolls look delicious!

abb said...

Anniversary congratulations! And may the two of you have many many more!

About that nut roll....I do hope one is destined for Nurse Nancy...and she shares a piece with me. ;-)
Looks simply delicious!

Mental P Mama said...

Happy Anniversary to a couple of nuts;)

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Wow, you were some busy cooks to be sure!!
Happy anniversary!

Lorri said...

Your anniversary was Friday, November 28th? That's our anniversary, too! 16 years for us.

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

Happy Anniversary!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Happy Anniversary! The nut roll sounds like some sort of a dance my freakish family would do....never heard of one before.

Kimberlee said...

Happy Anniversary to you both and may you be blessed with many more happy years together. Those nut rolls look wonderful! We only make them at Easter, so yours look verrry tempting.