January 11, 2009

Back to School and Shopping with My Niece the Brat

The boy went back to school today. It took him about an hour to pack his car, after taking almost a week to pack his clothes and other things to take back to school. His room still looks like a bomb hit it. Now I will have to spend the next several days shoveling my way to his bed to strip it and put clean sheets on it so when Nurse Nancy's son Junior Birdman comes to visit he can stay in his "cool" friend's room.

The house is not quiet yet. My niece is here for one more night. We went shopping today. Goodwill was a bust, but we hit the clearance racks at Target and hit the mother lode. She found lots of camis and "wife beaters" (Soprano reference - I live in NJ) along with two handbags. And after shopping with my parents last week, she will definitely need a second suitcase to go home.

Tomorrow I will deliver her to my parent's house where she will have one final night of being spoiled, then it's back to reality. And I'll miss her!


Mental P Mama said...

I wish we could see her finds! I am in awe of people who find cool stuff like that.

Ellen said...

Of course, being a size small helps since the selection is a little wider.

abb said...

Isn't fambly the very best???

abb said...

That's what I need...a wider selection...and I don't mean lots of clothes to choose from...I mean the clothes need to be wide. Pooh!