January 24, 2009

The Cardinals (no not the ones from Arizona)

Look closely in the picture (click to enlarge) and you will find four (4) male and two (2) female cardinals in our yard. I don't think I have ever seen so many cardinals together at one time. One male is peeking out from behind the pig statue, another is to the left of the shed on the wood rack while the other two are visible on the fence and in the snow. Thee is one female in the feeder and one on the ground next to the male.

It's unusual to see so many males so close together as they are fairly territorial. My husband did a great job of capturing so many at one time. I must tell you that the day before, there were five males hanging out there.


Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Clearly you are famous for your hospitality! I've never seen so many cardinals near each other either.

The "girl cardinal" as she is known around here was visiting my feeder yesterday, but I have not seen the husband in a while.

abb said...

I am truly impressed! I've seen a male with two or more females, but I've never had more than 2 males around the feeder at one time.
And it's a great photo to boot!

Anonymous said...

I have seen so many lovely cardinal pictures this week. Your collection of little friends is spectacular.

Unknown said...

Warning - my new seed just might lure those cardinals to our side of the tracks! Well...maybe. The wife reported several cardinal sightings y'day. Will get a detailed report tomorrow after the snow. Thanks again for the help.