January 10, 2009

The elephant in the room

Imagine that you live in a nice, normally quiet neighborhood. Imagine that you are driving home from church one evening and you spot something in the neighborhood that doesn't look like it belongs there. So you circle the block and make sure that your aging eyes aren't playing tricks on you. And this is what you see:

And another view:

I understand from a reliable source (the nurse at my doctor's office who also lives in the neighborhood and who, upon my entrance to the doctor's office for one of my many trips over the holidays asked "Did you see the Snowman?") that the "For Sale" sign is actually on the adjacent property. Judging by the size of the snowman and the RV in the driveway, I bet that this guy should is called "Spiteful the Snowman!" My mother always said that fences make good neighbors. Perhaps they should think about putting one up in the front yard!

By the way, the first thing I had to say to my husband was "don't get any ideas because this is not going up in our yard!" I guess I see if he heard me next Christmas.


Country Girl said...

Well, the for sale sign says it all, doesn't it? Who would want a neighbor like that?

Hey, I need your e-mail address for your interview!

Mental P Mama said...

Oh, we have one of those across the street. Only it's a Santa. And it's still inflated. Oh yes.

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Holy Giant Snowman, Batman!

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

My bad.
Image credit has been given!
Meant to tell you about that the other day but we were on to something else before I got there...it was a nice time though! :)