January 16, 2009

My husband is a big tease

My husband is in Arizona at the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction - for work (yeah right!). He knows that if I could have any classic car, I would love to have a '59 or '60 Corvette. My neighbor back home has one and growing up his wife would take three of us to school in this two seater sports car. Me in the passenger seat, one of her sons on the console and the other under the dash. That's how we rolled back in the 60's - no seat belts, no car seats, no problem! So when he saw one on the auction grounds today, he felt it necessary to send me a picture. He didn't buy it for me - I want a black one.


abb said...

O baby! GB (my hubby) would be so all over that car!

Amazing, isn't it, how all of us 50's/60's babies survived childhood without seatbelts or even carseats.

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

OK, that car is sweet too. But I'm still holding out for the ZZ-Top kind.

Mental P Mama said...

The good ol' days;)