March 06, 2009

Philadelphia Flower Show

My husband and I journeyed to the historic Philadelphia Flower Show yesterday. This year's theme was Bella Italia and while I was a bit afraid it might be a little over the top, it wasn't and was worth the trip. Here's a few pictures of what we saw:

At the entrance - I'm thinking this might look good on my dining room table.


The Discover Ireland display - I would love to visit Ireland and stay in a cottage like this.

Venice inside the Convention Center.

In addition, there was a large marketplace with a huge variety of plants, garden accessories, prints and any thing else floral related that you could think of.

I enjoyed spending the evening with my husband. Of course our trip home was not without incident - while walking through the underground mall from the convention center to the train, there was a bit of police activity with one young man on the floor waiting for an ambulance and several young men handcuffed and kneeling against a wall. Ah, Philly - cradle of the constitution and land of the nice guys!


Mental P Mama said...

I have flower show envy;) I am coming to that next year!

Ellen said...

You are welcome to come and stay here too!

Unknown said...

I love flower shows and it looks like this one did not disappoint! I am glad you guys had such a nice time despite the show after the show!

To me, flowers and gardens are my inspiration for quilting.

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...


And that whole Venice in Philly thing wasn't "over the top?" Holy cow!

A friend of mine works for the guy who won first place last year. Wonder how they did this year? She was all psyched for it last I saw her (before she went into seclusion with the flowers)

abb said...

Been to one flower show in NYC years ago. It was just incredible! I think I've heard that the Philly show you were at is the premier USA flower show. Would love to go!

Ellen said...

It's really neat - I've been about a half dozen times and it's always different.

Nurse N and Fly Boy went once before Jr. Birdman was born. If you had come this year, you could have met Danny DeVito hawking his new Lemoncello. And they do have wine tasting stations and cocktail stops throughout the show. Sounds like a field trip next year.

Country Girl said...

It's the Brotherly Love, baybee.

I think we should all go next year. Was it crazy crowded?

Sue said...

Hi Ellen...I have always wanted to go to the Philly flower show..maybe when I move back up to Jersey. It looked fabulous especially the Irish display, the cottage is great....and besides the flower show I could use a good Philly cheesesteak....Sue.