April 13, 2009

Missing him already

My son just left to go back to school a few minutes ago. He's got lots of work to get done, so he's headed back to hunker down in the library and get his papers and projects done. And I miss him already.

My relationship with my son is, in my opinion, pretty good. While I don't think that parents and kids should be "best friends," I must admit that we do share many of the same tastes and interests. We both like pointless, funny movies. If "My Cousin Vinny" or "Summer Rental" or "The Great Outdoors" or any other movie of this genre is on, we are parked in front of the tube, laughing our butts off. In the kitchen, he the best sous chef a mom could want. We have the same twisted sense of humor and laugh at the same jokes.

In a month he'll be home for the summer. And we'll kick off our shoes, grab a beverage and watch a movie. And I can't wait.


Mental P Mama said...

*sigh. I hope the time passes quickly, my friend.

Unknown said...

Awwwww....he will be home before you know it and of course...I am here for you.

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Nurse Nancy said...

I hear you....I look at my Jr. Birdman and hope that we grown into a relationship like you have with Cool J. It is fun to watch and admire......

Daryl said...

Thanks for the visit and the nice comment ... and the laugh, I had forgotten that was how '... Fairytales' ended ... I thought it being Wordless Weds. AND tax day that the sweeper was sort of appropos... but I like your take even more!

And I love My Cousin Vinnie ..