April 08, 2009

This and That Thursday

I'll admit, I'm a copy cat. Mental Mama does this most Thursdays and I think it's interesting to have a post about random things that have no common theme and may or may not make any sense to any one but the author. So here goes:

Should I trap and release the groundhog that is destroying my yard or "exterminate" it?

A business owner near the Jersey shore was fined for putting up road side signs advertising that her business was expanding and moving to a new location. On the flip side, business owners who use the same road side signs to advertise "going out of business sales" are not subject to a fine. Is this fair?

Does anyone else find Brian Williams' crooked face distracting?

Will the inside of my car ever be clean?

Peeps - soft or stale?

Chocolate covered eggs - butter cream, peanut butter or cocoanut?


Unknown said...

Trap and release...poor ground hog...no ground hogs in VA.

Soft AND Stale

Peanut Butter, Buttercream, Coconut, Chocolate Truffle, White Chocolate, Caramel, Cadbury Creme...hell, ANY eggs.

You did a great job!!! Don't you love it and isn't it cathartic?

abb said...

I'll bring Stella down...let's just say there will be no releasing other than that of the dearly departed's soul.

Fines? Tit for tat! I.e., unfair!

I always have my head at an angle when I watch him.

Hate peeps, well not my people peeps, but marshmallow peeps? Uh-uh.

Chocolate covered eggs filled with....caramel.

Good thing you're a copy cat - this was fun!

Rev. Daren J. Zehnle, J.C.L., K.C.H.S. said...

Peeps: Both.

Eggs: Peanut butter.

Sue said...

Peeps are gross fresh or stale...husband loves them stale...did I say Peeps are gross...Have a very Happy Easter...Sue.

Mental P Mama said...

Copy catting is good. I don't do peeps. That groundhog will destroy everything if you don't get rid of it. I heard a lady say she just made a peanut butter sandwich for hers every day and left it outside his hole in the morning. That way, he left her plants alone! Brian Williams missed out on some orthodontia.

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

1. Big Brother just got an Airsoft gun. I'll send him right over.

2. Absolutely NOT!

3. Who's Brian Williams?

4. I can't answer for yours, but MINE never will be.

5. Stale. Or microwaved.

6. PB or coconut. Or caramel ;)

big hair envy said...

Peeps? Just say NO!!! They are SO gross!!!

Eggs? Coconut....hands down! A woman in my church makes them every Easter as a fundraiser. They are out of this world!

Thanks for stopping by my site! I LUV MPM & Annie....they are the BEST!

Nurse Nancy said...

I find Brian very distracting...would take Lester Holt over him any day!

Peeps must be fresh...and I am not a soft center egg person. Solid milk chocolate all the way!

Happy Easter my friend!