April 23, 2009

This and That Thursday

Here's what's going through my mind today:

  • Cleaned my downstairs - why did I give up my cleaning people?  Probably because they weren't doing such a good job!
  • Regatta season is winding down - I'll get my laundry room back - no more crates of supplies on the floor.
  • Went diving in the paper recycling bin.  My father called to ask if I still had the Philadelphia paper with the articles about Harry Kalas' funeral in them.  I thought I had put them aside for my son, but of course, they were in the bin.
  • I have about four months of magazines to go through and rip out recipes, articles and decorating ideas I like.  Then the things I rip out will sit in a pile for a year until I throw them out.  
  • Does any one else have a kitchen island that is a paper and mail collector?


Mental P Mama said...

You go girl!

Nurse Nancy said...

I am jealous....I have a basement full of stuff to go through including new arrivals from FL. Just did the magazine thing and threw out most of what I saved. We can take the mags with us next weekend....just think of the entertainment value!

abb said...

No kitchen island, but every night before dinner I push the mounds of paper and crapola to one end so we can eat dinner.

Big Hair Envy said...

There could be a dead body under all of the papers & crap on my kitchen counter, and no one would ever know.