May 04, 2009

Back from OC, MD

Went to Ocean City, MD this past weekend with Nurse Nancy.  It was a blast.  We arrived late Thursday night, checked in to our hotel and true to form, we were conked out early in anticipation of a busy day the next day.

Friday morning we arose to overcast weather, but undeterred, we set off to walk the boardwalk, an activity we repeated on Saturday and Sunday.  It was great for people watching and checking out real estate:  

I can't believe that people would actually rent these places - well, except for college students.

The morning walks were invigorating and provided a side benefit of clearing out the sinuses and loosening up the morning cough - like a giant saline nasal spray. Ah, breathing was so much better.

Friday morning we decided to take a chance and head to Assateague to see the wild ponies. Initially we didn't see any ponies, but we did see evidence that they were there:

Eventually we did see some ponies

a kite surfer:

and some unexplainable paw prints:

We spent the afternoon in Berlin, MD the town that was used in the movie Runaway Bride as Hale,MD. I think Nurse Nancy took some photos there. Then some outlet shopping on the way back to OC, dinner on the boardwalk and back to our room, where we exciting ladies crashed by 10!

Saturday we shopped for girlfriend weekend ornament, caramel corn (for NN's mom - yeah, right) and official girlfriend weekend souvenirs:

drove around OC, ate ice cream sundaes for lunch, went to mass and ate crab cakes for dinner and again, crashed out by 10 - aren't we exciting?

Oh, during the weekend we talked and we talked, and talked and talked. Isn't that what girlfriends do?

And then it was Sunday and time to head home. Relaxed, refreshed and ready to return to our husbands, our boys (okay, mine won't be home until later in the week), laundry and the lives we love.


abb said...

That's a girl's vacation that should be done at least once every year! Nothing better than recharging ones batteries with a best girlfriend or two.

Nurse Nancy said...

It was a fun and memorable time. Glad I am lucky to have such a special friend who can tolerate my company for more than an hour at a time :)

Big Hair Envy said...

WOW! Sounds like the perfect girls' weekend!! Those necklaces are beautiful. The pony poop? Not so much...;)

Sue said...

Now that sounds like a wonderful girly weekend....especially the part about eating th ice cream sundaes for lunch!

Daryl said...

Gal pal weekends are the best and I love your souvenir necklaces .. perfect!