May 24, 2009

Flowers in The Attic the garden

Once I located the camera, I thought I'd take enough picture for a few posts.  Here are some flowers from the back yard.

Here's a spring view of the shed where we took many pictures of Cardinals in the winter.  They still come to feed at least three times a day.  Behind the fence is a bird bath with a solar fountain to keep the water running.  I love the sound of the water.  Growing on the fence are pink honeysuckle and pink clematis.  In front are two shades of spider wort.  To the right of the fence are Montauk daisies and butterfly weed.

A close-up of the clematis.  The early flowers are large, while later blooms are about half the size of these.

Peony bush just to the right of the portal of the damned.  I love peonies and every year when they bloom I resolve to stake the plant so the blooms don't fall over and every year I forget.  Senior moment I suspect.

Wigelia against the fence by the walkway to the front of the house.  I love their color.

Shrub roses line the back of our morning room.  When the wind blows, the scent of the flowers is just incredible.  The pot in front contains dying hyacinth that my husband had in his office.  Once it dies back, I take the bulbs out of the pot and plant in the fall.

Hope you enjoyed some of the floral 


Country Girl said...

Your gardens are beautiful, Ellen! I miss my peonies so much.

Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful! I love Montauk daisies;) Such happy late summer show-offs....

abb said...

What a beautiful back yard!

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

ROFL, I love the title! Your flowers are gorgeous. I'm so garden-challenged, but I enjoy looking at others' beautiful flowers.