May 19, 2009

Groundhog Update

Have caught two of the three babies so far this morning.  One has been released, the other, which I have transferred to the larger cage,  is awaiting the capture of the third (who has already tried to climb into the crate with its sibling) before I make the trek to the river again - earlier today, someone drove past me, stopped, turned around and pulled up behind me as I drove away - I guess he was afraid I was abandoning cats or dogs.  


Nurse Nancy said...

Guess those babies are big enough from all the apples to trigger the this the end of the family? Do groundhogs have sonar to bring them back to the house like cats and dogs? I hope not!

Today is planting day....finally!

abb said...


Mental P Mama said...

I want a picture;)

Unknown said...

I was hoping to see a photo as well. :(

I love all things baby. Even groundhogs.

Did you get them all?