May 28, 2009

This and that Thursday (or how I forgot a title after posting to another blog)

Mindless musings from the mindless:

My husband wonders why the island in the kitchen is always a mess.  Do you think it's because he is responsible for 50% of the stuff on it?

My son is cleaning out his room and re-packing things for school next semester.  Last year he started the same project when he got home for the summer and kind of finished the day he packed to go back to school.  Any one else have this problem?

Why doesn't Jon Gosselin just divorce his controlling wife who treats him like a child?  The latest story is that she gave him an allowance of $5 a day when he was working and chewed him out if he needed more.  

And what's up with Kate's hair?  Look in the mirror - it's not attractive.

Does anyone else like "The Unusuals" on ABC - love Amber Tamblyn.
Went to a funeral yesterday for the man who lives next door to my parents.  He was 2 months shy of 95.  Rest in Peace Mr. R.
What's on your mind?


Mental P Mama said...

That Jon and Kate have overstayed their 15 minutes. Don't get me going about husbands and their crap on the counter....

Nurse Nancy said...

I am with you on the Gosselin front...watched the premier on Monday and will not watch it again. Tension and ugly....he is a real wimp besides and I do not feel sorry for either of them...just the kids. Tell your J men to get a grip!

Unknown said...

Did you hear the latest Jon and Kate news...they have photos of him from Memorial Day in a bar with girls and Kate was in NC with the body guard and the kids.

The men in the house? I gave up on that a long time ago.

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

I feel so bad for the Gosselin children. They are in a situation NO kids should be in. Who will pay their therapy bills, or their rehab bills, or bail them out in 15-20 years?