May 21, 2009

This and That Thursday

Random thoughts on Thursday - 
  • Why are groundhogs so cute and so destructive?
  • What's up with all the stink bugs?  They are all over the place and apparently can only be exterminated with chemicals that require a mask and covering your body.  Thanks to the Asian continent for sharing.
  • My son has been home from college for two weeks and his room looks no different from the day he came home.
  • Do dirty clothes multiply in the hamper?
  • Why can't the males in my house put dirty dishes in the dishwasher instead of on the counter above the dishwasher?
  • Will I get into the pool this weekend?  Haven't missed a Memorial day yet - but it will take  turning on the heater to warm up the water a bit - as long as it's 75, I'll go in.
What's new with you?


abb said...

1. I hate groundhogs.
2. I hate stink bugs.
3. Sons never change as far as bedrooms go. They will always be irritating regardless of their age. I know this from experience...YEARS of experience.
4. Dirty clothes multiply exponentially. Except socks. They lose their partner at an exponential rate.
5. There is not a male in the world that really comprehends the fact that dishes actually go IN the dishwasher. I do not think this will change any time soon. Possibly it's genetic.
6. You WILL get in the pool this weekend. It's a tradition not to be broken.

And nuthin's new with me! Pooh!

Nurse Nancy said...

I have multipling laundry too and now we have baseball/softball clothes to add that red clay!