August 13, 2009

This and That Thursday

It's been a busy two weeks. Herewith what's on my mind:

  1. My husband finally understands why I insist on going to the massage therapist who does muscle correction.
  2. He also understands why I sometimes come home with bruises from treatment. No pain, no gain.
  3. He also feels better now that he's had his muscles put back into place. It just works!
  4. We'll be dog sitting for our neighbor's dog next week. This should be interesting since I've never had any experience with a male dog. I just hope he's not into marking territory at my house.
  5. Getting my son ready to go back to school. Five young men in one townhouse. So far, there is no coordination of who's bringing what. Why am I not surprised?
  6. Does anyone else like the new show "The Philanthropist?" Great show.
  7. Last season for "Monk." This makes me so sad.
  8. My son going back to school makes me sad too.
How's your life these days?


Jo Whitehurst said...

Massage therapist sounds awesome!
Hope dog-sitting is fun, not a chore.
Wishing you a smooth ride on the getting ready part of son going back to school, and hoping that your bout of sadness at his leaving is a short one.
Love "The Philanthropist"! The pace, the story line, and the fact that it pique's our social conscience!
I, too, am sad that "Monk" is in it's last season! I plan to own the entire 8 seasons and continue to watch them over and over. Although, I can pretty much quote the dialogue from the first 6 seasons, already!

Hang in there Ellen!

Mental P Mama said...

Massage is essential. Some insurance even covers it...and I need to watch The Philanthopist...gonna check it out. I think we need to get together when our nests empty out....

abb said...

I didn't even know muscles could get out of place!

Unknown said...

A massage sounds so good right now.

Men and organization don't go together that is why God created WOMAN.

Hang in there will be the holidays before you know it!