December 16, 2009

Why Nurse Nancy and Fly Boy Rock

We had our annual Christmas Open House on Saturday night. For about five hours, about 40 friends joined us to usher in the holiday season. And making the evening of entertaining go so smoothly was all the help we receive from our wonderful friends and extended family members Nurse Nancy and Fly Boy. They are here to help with the last minute set up, keeping the food coming during the evening and clean up at the end of the evening. We couldn't do it without them (okay, we probably could, but it would be way less fun and more stressful).

Nurse Nancy is a whiz at checking and refilling the buffet and at the end of the evening, Fly Boy is the best at clean up time doing dish (those things you can't put into the dishwasher or aren't disposable - it's the one night we aren't as "green" as we should be) until "dishpan hands" sets in. They are simply the best.

So muchas gracias, danke schon (minus the umlaut) and many thanks to Nurse Nancy and Fly Boy (and Junior Bird Man for letting us continue to see Christmas through the eyes of a child) for all your help, but most importantly, for your friendship. We love you.


Nurse Nancy said...

The feeling is mutual! Hope you found your keys :)

Mental P Mama said...

They are the best friends! I'm sure you had fun!

abb said...

Nothing like dear friends!