January 23, 2010

Two Trips

Big day on the clean up challenge. It took two trip to get all the crap treasures to Goodwill.

Herewith the evidence of our purge:

Stuff in the hallway.

More stuff in the hallway.

Load #1 filled the entire back of the Highlander with the back seats folded down. Here's where the back seats belong.

And the view from the hatchback.

This was the second load. A bit smaller, but it filled the back.

So all in all, at least 10 boxes and assorted non-boxed items were removed from the basement. I have a few more boxes of things on the floor that need to be double checked for their contents before they too make their way to Goodwill. Then I will start in on the shelves. I have one set of shelves with craft supplies that I no longer use. I'll box up the good stuff and send them to my nephew's wife who enjoys crafting.

It feels good to get things we no longer use out of the house. I almost forgot what the floor on the storage side of our basement looks like.


Mental P Mama said...

I am DULY impressed!!!!

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

WOW! Do you want to clean my basement next?

Nurse Nancy said...

I am impressed. You are ahead of me!