May 20, 2010

The Graduate

My niece graduated from Texas State University last Friday. So my husband and parents and I traveled to witness this historic event.

Herewith some pictures from graduation:

Looking for the crazy people who are calling her name. Those crazy people would be us.

Hugs for her proud Grandpop while Grandmom giggles.

. Checking out the bogus diploma. She picked up the real one a few days later.

Grandpop loves to tweak you on the nose.

The college graduation Chuck Taylor's. She wore red ones for her high school graduation.

Congrats K-tel. Love you lots.

One additional note, I called her when we arrived at the venue (about an hour before the ceremony) to let her know where we were sitting. I woke her up. Fortunately she lived directly across the street from the arena and made it on time.


Nurse Nancy said...

Congrats to Katie! Next year it will be "Cool J" I know, I know, I should not be reminding you :)

Mental P Mama said...

LOL--She is beautiful!! W00t!!!

Sue said...

I love the sneakers...I wear them all the time...I must have 8 pairs in all colors...She's got good taste and i love grandpa tweaking her nose....

Country Girl said...

How can they sleep that much?!! Congratulations to K. Lovely! Cool shoes, too.

abb said...

That's too funny!