May 11, 2011


Been back from vacation for almost a month and I am still waiting for my husband to download photos from our trip so I can post some. Granted, between the two of us we took about 2,300 pictures, but I would like to post some on my blog.

In other news, I had a wonderful trip the weekend after Easter to Portland, ME with Nurse Nancy. She was attending a school nurse conference and since it wasn't going to take up the whole weekend (and she had a free room!), she asked if I wanted to tag along and make it one of our infamous girlfriend's weekend.

Our trip from her home in CT to Portland was relative uneventful. Except for getting dinner. We stopped at a restaurant and decided since the wait was at least 25 minutes, we'd order some food to go. While we were waiting, two tables with large groups (including one of about 10 Red Hat ladies - gah!) left and after 15 minutes, with quite a few people waiting to be seated, the tables were still not cleared and set to seat those waiting. However, several members of the wait staff stood by the tables chatting. Thank goodness we were getting our food to go, or I would have had the manager's ear and it wouldn't be pretty. You just don't stand around chatting when 20 people were waiting to be seated and there is almost enough seating for all of them.

Any way, Saturday morning I wandered around the city checking out shops and restaurants. There must be a lack of dental care available, because I don't think that I saw more than two or three people with all their teeth.

Saturday evening, after attending mass at the Cathedral where the organist played some pretty dark and ominous music, we met up with my brother-in-law who lives about a half an hour from the city. We enjoyed a great dinner at a local brew pub and though Nurse Nancy had never met my BIL, they chatted like old friends.

Sunday morning, the nurses, and one lowly accountant, went for a fitness walk. The mile and a half walk became about a two and a half mile walk, up and down the hills of Portland. After her morning session, we headed to Freeport for the requisite visit to LLBean to shop and see my BIL. I hadn't been there in over twenty years, and boy has it changed! Then a trip to the Portland Headlight and dinner at a local spot finished the day.

Monday we headed back to CT where I picked up my car and stopped to see my son on the way home. After a quick bite to eat with him and his girlfriend, I headed home with a few crates of stuff he no longer needed. I can't believe he is finished with his classes and will graduate in a week and a half. Time has certainly sped by.

So I'm off to relax a bit before bed time. Hopefully, I'll have some pictures of our cruise to post soon.

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Mental P Mama said...

I cannot believe graduation is so soon! Amazing! Now about those pictures....