May 21, 2012

Monday Monday

It's a rainy Monday here in NJ.  Not my favorite kind of Monday, but you get what you get!

On the upside, I finished planting my garden and the rain will certainly help water in the plants and seeds.

Our pool is now open for the summer.  I was so happy to see that we didn't have green water like we did a few years ago.  I'm used to the plethora of dead worms in the bottom, along with other assorted gunk that settles, but that green water was not pleasant.  This year, the water was clear.  Yeah.  I did the initial vacuuming yesterday and John added 10 gallons of liquid chlorine and this morning, the remains of the algae are kaput.  One more good vacuuming and then adjusting the chemicals and I'll be ready for my first dip.  Even if the water is on the cool side.

We own a rental house with some friends.  Our tenants moved out about 6 weeks ago and, while theI  tenants left the house in pretty good order, we decided that the house needed new flooring (the gray carpet was looking worn and sad and had a few burn marks in it) and a fresh coat of paint.  While we are having someone install the flooring, we decided that between the four of us, we'd tackle the painting ourselves.  So I've been spending lots of time there painting myself, and the walls too.  The last time I did any appreciable amount of painting, I wound up having my first knee surgery.  I may wind up with my fourth after this adventure!

And now that it is after one, I must get myself going (last night's Benadryl really knocked me out!) and get some things done around the house.

Happy Monday.


Mental P Mama said...

Happy Wednesday! Maybe we'll get some sun today;)

The Single Nester said...

Memorial Day and summer always remind me of fun times down-the-shore (LBI specifically). Enjoy!