October 18, 2012

My Sweet Ride

My regular ride is a 2006 blue Toyota Highlander.   I love my car.  It sits up higher that a sedan, but not as high as a truck frame SUV.  It holds lots of stuff.  It has a GPS built in and a 6 disc CD changer.  It has 121,000 miles on it.  I consider that just getting broken in.  Today it was just broken.

I took it into the Toyota dealership for regular service - oil change, tire rotation, etc. - and I anticipated that it would probably need new brakes and maybe new tires (which I get free for the life of the car as long as I have it serviced at the dealership).  So I knew that I would be spending some money - maybe $500 or $600 or so.  

So I am waiting at the dealership when the service writer comes out to tell me about the anticipated brakes and tires.  And then she hits me with torn shoes and leaking struts.  Ugh!  That part of the service will cost over $1,200 big ones.  That's in addition to the brakes, new air filters, new wiper blades all around, tire balancing and mounting (only the tires are no cost, but that would have added another $800 to $1,000).

They offer me a loaner since the repair will not be finished until tomorrow.  And this is what they give me:

Now if you know me, you know that I am not exactly a small person.  I'm short enough, but  unfortunately a bit on the round side.  Add to that three knee surgeries and claustrophobia and you've got me driving in a sardine can.  But I was assured that this Scion iQ is bigger than a Smart Car.  Boy, was I relieved that I while I would be driving a sardine can, it would be the "bonus" sized one.  Rest assured, I appreciate the loaner and not being without a car at my disposal, but I will limit my driving to the four or five miles from the dealership to my home and back to the dealership when my car is finished.  It was just too small for my comfort - and my first car was a '74 VW bug!

To be fair, the car isn't that bad.  Perfect for city driving on small, narrow streets where you don't exceed 25 MPH.  The ride is okay and it is pretty peppy considering that it is probably powered by a family of hamsters running on a wheel.  Oops, that's the Kia Soul.  Well, for a 1.3  liter engine.  It has a radio and a CD player and power windows - both of them!  My biggest problem, besides the small size, is that the head rests for the rear seat - yes, there is one - obstruct the view in the rear view mirror.  

So, until tomorrow, this is my ride.  My Sweet Ride. Hm My Ride.  I really want to return you ride and take back my own ride.


Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Oh that is just WAY too darn small. Even for me, and I like zippy little cars sometimes after lumbering around in my big old van. Sardine can is RIGHT!

Sue said...

I love this post...thought for a moment you bought that thing.....first of all this is how you handle a dealership the "Boss' way....or Jersey style if your a man....My Porsche SUV needed the oil changed since I hit 20,000 miles...it also had some warranty work to be done like a wonkie radio/I-pod player and the brakes wer making noise....So I call and ask that they have a loaner car for me the day I come in since warranty work would be done....Sure, no problem....we'll have something,....probably a Honda...The Boss went nuts....I had to call back the service tech and I was blunt (as you know I can be)....I said...."My husband is a maniac and said he didn't pay cash for my car for me to be driving around in a Honda, we will bring in the car when you have a suitable car for me to drive".....Okay so it took about 4 extra days but they gave me a brand new Porsche Boxster....Ofcourse the $200 oil change went to them telling me I needed the 20,000 mile service....Who needs service at that low of mileage??....Cost...$900.00....The Boss then said to get the car detailed and the total was over $1200.00 The dealer was happy that they made the Boss happy .....Oh did I leave out the part that on day two of them having the car they called to say..."You might consider getting new front brakes before they go".....How much.....$1200.00 but you get new rotors thrown in for that price....
My point is be grateful they give you free tires....I don't even want to know what they are going to cost....I'm tempted to ask daughter to send my VW Bug back to Georgia....