January 07, 2015

2015 - A New Year

So last week we ushered in 2015.  A new year, a chance to wipe the slate clean, start over, make changes.  So what do I have planned for 2015?

Well, I've been trying to make some healthy changes in my life.  Been eating better in an attempt to get my blood sugar under control.  It's been a battle and some days are definitely better than others.  Let's just say, it's a work in progress.

In that same vein, I had fully planned on hitting the pool at the Y this week. Not happening.  I awoke yesterday with a scratchy, sore throat, swollen glands and feeling crappy.  Last year I found out that the reason for my severe upper respiratory infections is an immune deficiency so I take no chances on putting myself at risk by trying to limit my time in communal environments when I have a cold.  So, the locker room, the pool and the gym at the Y are out for at least this week.

At home, I am working on cleaning out closets, drawers and the basement.  It's time to purge all the things I haven't used in a while.  I've started collecting things to have a yard sale in the spring.  In the past, I've donated things, but the ones that benefit most are the executive of the non-profits, I think I'll try to sell things and donate money to a charity that will use the money to help others.

2014 was the year that we finally changed parishes.  I'm settling in more at our new parish, getting to meet some new people and I am once again reading at mass.  This was one thing that I really missed.  There are many opportunities for spiritual growth at our new parish and I hope to take advantage of them this year.

I have several projects that I hope to work on this year - to start sewing again and make some window treatments.  There are about 5 or 6 craft projects that I have wanted to work on and just can't seem to make the time.  If I can work on just a few I'd be happy.

I'm making no specific resolutions for the new year, only trying to work on the changes that I have recently made.  I think I'll start by picking one thing each day to accomplish and start there.  We'll see…..

Until later.

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Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Looks like you too have some changes that you want to make in your life for the New Year...

I wish you luck with them and pray that we both have success in achieving our new goals!!