March 27, 2007

On pins and needles

We are sitting on pins and needles in our house. Our son, a senior at our county Catholic high school, is waiting to hear if he has been accepted to his first choice of colleges. He was accepted early to the other four he applied to, but then, they were not his first choice. So we wait

Things have certainly changed since I was a senior in high school some 25 plus years ago. Back then, it seems as if the colleges had more spots than they had applicants. Now the opposite is true and there are way more applicants than spaces. The competition to get accepted is fierce and I honestly don't know how the kids deal with the stress. It wasn't as joyous a experience as I remember my own college search being.

What surprised me most about the schools my son chose to apply to was the fact that four out of five of the colleges were Catholic colleges. I really thought that after 14 years of Catholic school (pre-K through 12) he wouldn't even think about continuing school in a Catholic college. I am proud of this decision and that he will continue to be educated with Catholic principles as a major influence in his education.

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