March 25, 2007

Go Rudy, go Rudy

While doing my daily cruise through my favorite blogs, I howled with laughter when I checked out Fr. Erik Richtsteig's Orthometer. Once again, he has tickled my funny bone with his obvious dislike of Hilary Clinton as a politician, a dislike I share. I was not impressed with her during her first two terms as president, oops I mean as a "First Lady" and I am equally unimpressed with her as a Senator. However, the thought of her as the president totally scares me.

On a happier note, my husband and son are feeling better and for that I am thankful. I am looking forward to Easter and spending some time with both of them as my son will be off on Easter break and my husband has taken the week off from work. This year we must powerwash and re-stain the deck and porch, a job my husband does not like to do, but it must be done. Hopefully with three of us working, we can get it done quickly and have some time for fun.

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