March 23, 2007

Paging Nurse Ellen

Sickness has hit my house and I have switched into nurse mode. My son, who spend last week in Florida on his class trip, finally decided that he was sick enough to see the doctor yesterday. Two extra days in Florida because of the winter storm, along with the trips to the airport to see if there was a flight available to get home and not getting into a hotel to get some sleep until late at night, plus the addition of spending time on a plane with other sick teens, resulted in strep and double ear infections. Fortunately it is easily remedied with an antibiotic.

And this morning, my hub calls me from a business trip to tell me that he has some kind of virus and is on his way home, and by the way, would I call the doctor to see if there was an appointment available. Of course, the doc was away at a conference, but they would e-mail hime and see what they could do. Some saltines, ginger ale and homemade chicken broth later and he is finally feeling better. Let's hope that neither one was kind enough to share their germs with me.

I am losing steam and feel the need for sleep.

Night all!

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