March 29, 2007

Signs of Spring

I think spring has finally arrived here in New Jersey. The trees, shrubs and perennials are starting to bud, the grass is looking greener and track season is in full swing.

It is time to find the gardening gloves and start raking the yard so it can be fertilized. I love working out doors and would choose that any day over cleaning the house. I admire the women with blogs who have six or eight or ten children, home school them and have a "cleaning plan" that they follow on a daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal basis. I hate cleaning and will do anything to avoid it. I will mow the lawn, wash the cars, garden, iron, just don't ask me to clean. But it is time to start thinking about doing the windows, fluffing out the drapes in the dryer and all the other fun things associated with spring cleaning and I have no excuse for not doing it. So as the weather warms up, I will start my spring cleaning.

It is time for me to start cooking dinner. I think tonight will be clean out the fridge night since tomorrow means abstinence from meat. I'll use up the leftover chicken and meatloaf along with some veggies and salad so they don't go to waste.

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