April 02, 2007

Preparing for the Triduum

How did you spend your Monday? I spent a pleasant day helping to decorate my church for our Easter celebration.

I belong to parish that was started as a mission parish for people of Eastern European ancestry. Even today, we have several parishioners who are recent immigrants. Traditionally, our church has had some very elaborate decorating schemes for the Easter and Christmas seasons. In the past few years, the decorating has been toned down to what I think is classic and elegant decor.

The Art and Environment committee started yesterday with bringing up the supplies from the basement of the church, made flower arrangements for the deep window sills and prepared the tomb. I was not able to be there yesterday, but today I was able to join the group and we created the tabernacle area for the Blessed sacrament away from the main tabernacle, made some additional flower arrangements and made a rock well area for the water that will be blessed. It is quite beautiful. Saturday morning, we will finish the decorating for the Vigil Mass Saturday night. I hope to post some pictures at a later date.

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