April 16, 2007

Hi ho, hi ho it's off to college he'll go...

he'll learn some junk and hopefully won't flunk, hi ho, hi ho!!!!

After months of thought and prayer (at least on his mother's part), our son has made his college choice and will attend Fairfield University this fall. We are very happy with his choice and know he will do well there. And our friends who live near the college are thrilled that he will be close by to spend some time with their son who idolizes our son.

Although he was disappointed at only getting wait-listed at his first choice, he had decided that it may not be the best choice as he hopes to attend law school there and thought that it might better to attend different colleges for undergraduate and gtaduate work.

So now, we begin the preparation work to get our little boy ready for school. Of course, I will enjoy the shopping to out fit his dorm room. I already have a few things put away, like sheets and blankets, and look forward to finding the rest. The good thing about having a son is that he really doesn't care much about those things, so I will be able to have the fun shopping with virtually no disagreements!

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