August 26, 2007

The Outer Banks

We just got back from spending a wonderful relaxing week with our friends at their vacation home in the northern end of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. After the rough past few weeks, this vacation could not have come at a better time.

We left on Sunday the 19th after having spent Saturday night with my husband's family. We had gathered to share a meal and remember his dad. It was a good evening that was spent remembering good times and celebrating his life. Next month, there will be a public memorial service at his college Alma Mater in northern New Jersey.

Our trip to NC was filled with fun and laughs with our good friends whom we met on our honeymoon almost twenty years ago. We met in St. Lucia at a couples only resort when we were seated together at dinner on the second night of our stay. We quickly found out that we had quite a bit in common - we were married on the same day at the same time. We are all Catholic and wedding was a nuptial mass. J and I are both the only girl and youngest in our families and our older brothers are almost the same ages. We shared similar values and wound up spending quite a bit of time together during our week in the Caribbean and of course at the end, we exchanged addresses and promised to keep in touch. And we did! And over the past twenty years, our friendship had grown and become one that we know will last our lifetimes.

We enjoyed good weather on vacation, while at home, there was lots of rain and cool weather. The ocean was a little rough with a strong rip tide, but we spent time on the beach reading and talking and having fun. Our son, who will be 18 this week, is the idol of our friends' son who was 6 last month. It is wonderful to see our boys who are like brothers. Our son is patient and kind to his little buddy and spent lots of time digging in the sand with him. He also sat with him one night so the adults could enjoy a late dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Our son will be attending college near them and looks forward to spending some time with them.

We arrived home last evening and spent the day vegging out and catching up on the mail (which contained many mass and sympathy cards). And now I think I may go to bed and get some sleep!


Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Glad you had a good vacation! We just left for ours and there are some stories to be told already after not yet 2 days!

Once we get back and settle in I need to add to your Mass cards.

With prayers for your family as your son begins this new chapter in his life!

Ellen said...

Thanks Barb for your kind words. I am always excited to see that you have left me a post.

Thanks for the prayers for JT as he prepares for the big move to college. I pray that he will continue to be a good student and a good Catholic.

I hope your vacation is as fun and restful as mine.