October 02, 2007

Our weekend up north

This past weekend, hub and I (and the mutt too) traveled to Connecticut to visit our friends and join them at an Army football game. We got to see our son too as he provided child care services for our friend's young son.

It has become a yearly tradition to join our friends for a game at West Point. They took over a block of four tickets from a former neighbor several years ago and have invited us to join them each year for a game. This year, Army won which was the first time we got to see them win a game.

The most important part of the game is, of course, tailgating. We arrive in time to enjoy mimosas and a light breakfast. This year the game was early, so we had a shorter time to tailgate before the game. After the game, we enjoy dinner cooked on a camp stove, followed by mass at the college RC church. One year, we were lucky enough to be there the weekend that the Archbishop for the Military was visiting and we enjoy hearing him say mass and the choir, which was made up of cadets and civilians, sing so beautifully that it gave me chills.

We didn't see much of our son, as he was anxious to return to school after we returned back to our friends home after the game. I had mixed feelings about that - I am glad that he has settled in to college life and made many friends, but I was looking forward to spending a little time with him. He is supposed to come home next weekend for the Columbus day holiday, so hopefully we will see more of him then.

By the way, our son ran for a senate seat on the student governing board and won. Ten students will represent the freshman class and he is one of them. I wonder if we have to call him Senator?

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