November 08, 2007

Why I will never be a "crazy cat lady!"

The past two weeks I have been helping to take care of the cats that belong to Sister C and the late Sister R. Sister C is at the mother house for a few weeks. Besides dealing with losing her best friend Sister R, she had already scheduled cataract surgery so she is staying there while she has the surgery and for her recuperation period. So my friend N and I are taking care of the "convent cats."

Now I have never been a fan of cats. When I was 8 or 9 I was visiting a farm with Brownie Scouts and was scratched (and traumatized) by a kitten. It was at that time that I swore off cats. Besides, I had a dog at home and I preferred the companionship of a dog to the aloofness of a cat.

As far as the care that cats need, I have always heard that cats are easier to take care of than dogs. No way. I may have a high maintenance dog with her allergies, two leg surgeries and and having to take her to get groomed, but to me, they pale in comparison to dealing with litter boxes. Dogs can be easily taken care of with a plastic bag (I use the ones the newspapers come in) and you don't have to deal with clumps of nasty smelling litter from their liquid waste.

I will gladly help to take care of these cats, but under no circumstances will I have one in my home. I am a "dog person" through and through.


EC Gefroh said...

LOL! I am a dog person first but I love our cat. She is so beautiful she can do whatever she wants ;-)

Ellen said...

The only cat I ever tolerated was on that my brother and sister-in-law had named Pele because she liked to play ball. She was like a dog-cat. She would also bring you toys to play with. But owning a cat is simply not going to happen!