January 06, 2008

What's going on....

Six days into the New Year and already I feel like I am behind. My husband and son have both been home the past two weeks, and while I love them both very much, I have gotten used to having the house to myself during the day over the past few years, so when they are both home, I don't seem to get much done. But tomorrow my husband will go back to work and my son will go back to school next weekend and in about two weeks, I'll be complaining that the house is too quiet.

The Christmas season has been filled with some highs and lows. Most notably, that our pastor has moved to a neighboring community and we now have a new pastor along with our parish merging with another.

We met our new pastor on Saturday night. He was very nice although he was definitely overwhelmed when we met as he just moved into his new home that day and was saying mass as some family and friends were unpacking for him. He is quite different from our last two pastors as he is definitely very traditional and conservative. We will certainly be in for more changes, perhaps some going back to the way we did some things just a few years ago.

Tomorrow will be a day of helping to put away the decorations at church. Then I must tackle that same job at home. I have started to undo the trees, but it will take some more time to complete this. Since I was so sick before Christmas, I didn't do my normal amount of decorating and so putting things away won't take as long as in prior years.

I have a few projects on the back burner including some sewing projects that I am looking forward to starting. I will take my first try at making a garment with out a pattern, using an existing garment as the pattern. Wish me luck! I really enjoy sewing and have missed it over the past few years.

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Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Cool, you sew? Have fun! My sewing is limited to hems, buttons and Boy Scout merit badges. LOL!

There is so much noise overhead I am starting to wish I had gone in to the library today. It's weird having someone walking around above me.

I also need to "un-Christmas" though the Nativity Scene stays up until Candlemas. But no motivation to do that today.